Ever wonder what a day in our life looks like when we are on the road? How we survive long drives or how I manage to get work done when we are constantly traveling? I won’t lie, it’s not always easy, but it’s a whole lot of fun.

Watch this amazing time-lapse video Eric put together of one of our REALLY long drives and wonder no more!

A Day in our Life…as Passengers from 2 Travel Everywhere on Vimeo.

Just for fun:

  • Try and guess at which points I was mad/annoyed at Eric.
  • Take a guess at when we drove by something REALLY REALLY smelly.
  • Take a guess at what we are doing all those times we stop and get out of the car. (Those of you who have taken long road trips with Eric, know!)
  • Why do I look so serious when I’m working? (Watching yourself work is super awkward!)


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