“Time may change me, But I can’t trace time”

Change has landed smack down front and center in our lives. And the not so fun challenging life changes have come along with the exciting positive changes.

This past month has been nothing short of a roller costar ride of change.

Over the last month we’ve been helping my parents move out of the house in Atlanta (the house my brother and I grew up in) so they can move up to the cabin in North Carolina permanently.

caption = “The view from my parents porch. Who wouldn’t want to live here?

We also had to say goodbye to three pets.

caption = “On June 29th, we had to put our sweet, dog Rebia to sleep at 16 years of age. It was a sad day but, we stayed with her until the end.


caption = “We had to find a new home for our two cats Groucho and Rascal. My parents have become too allergic and as much as I wanted to bring them to Malaysia, Eric convinced me it would be a bad idea. We found a great home for them and will be getting updates on how they are doing.

Oh, and we’re still trying to pair down our life to a few suitcases. This was the scene just a few days ago…

caption = “We keep asking ourselves how we accumulated so much crap?!?

But with all these changes, come new beginnings and opportunities. As much as I dislike saying goodbye to my childhood home, our beloved pets, and most of our possessions, I know that without closure and ending, there can be no new beginnings. Remembering this has helped calm my anxiety and keep my change-induced freakouts at bay.

I love that the mountains of North Carolina and the cabin are now home (I even become a NC resident tomorrow!), soon I’ll be living a more zen life with fewer possessions, and I know my parents are happier because they too are living the life they want.

Plus, July brought some really fun times. We took a family trip to the beach:

caption = “At Myrtle Beach where my Brother and his gf work as life guards.

Had some of our best friends visit us:

caption = “Shopping for vintage sunglasses with Paula and Jared in Little Five Points, Atlanta.

And I had a blast getting all nostalgic over childhood memories.  One of the gems I found:

caption = “In 1991, my Mom dressed us like sailors and made us take professional photos.

(I’ll be posting more on our fb page next week!)

Tomorrow morning we leave the my parents house in NC and began our mini road trip down to Louisiana. We will be heading to Nashville, Louisville, Memphis, and Arkansas!

In the next few days will be adding our travel schedule and several new features, so stay tuned!


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