Hello! We’re Shannon and Eric (our friends sometimes refer to us as Sheric).  We’re about to travel around the world and move to Malaysia!

A little bit about us: we are two DC transplants with a passion for traveling, experiencing new cultures, finding adventure, and meeting new people. We met in January 2009 (thanks to President Obama – more on that story later), eventually fell in love, and decided to follow our dreams of traveling everywhere, experiencing life to the fullest, while living and working in other countries.

We’ll be spending the next few years traveling the world, teaching English as a second language, doing the work we love, and starting our own businesses that allow us to work from the most remote corners of the planet.

Our mission: travel to 50 countries in 5 years, create a location independent lifestyle, pursue the work we are most passionate about, and find adventures every day, in every place.

Thanks for joining us for the ride!


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