It’s been a month since we left Lake Charles. Crazy! So hard to believe. I actually sat down to write this post weeks ago and then abandoned it. Things have been crazy and exciting to say the least!

Back to London….

When we bought our tickers to Istanbul over the summer, we did through Vayama. We found the tickets for $600 each, the catch, it was a secret carrier. So we had no idea what airline we were flying with, where our layover was, or even how long our layover would be. So we ended up with a 20 hour layover in London and since I had never been, we were excited to have a bit of time to explore. The one thing we weren’t counting on was just how exhausted we would be from packing, saying goodbye, and just general travel.

The day we left felt a little surreal because of everything that goes along with saying goodbye to your family and your home for one year, but also because it was election day. We boarded the plane from Houston, Texas at 9pm on November 6th not knowing who would win the election. With no wifi on the plane and no way to communicate with anyone outside the plane, we had no clue what was going on. It was painful. Eric and I tried to take our minds off the election by getting lost in movies and dosing in and out of sleep.

Once we landed in London the following morning, we searched for a newspaper, but found nothing. Finally, we decided to turn on one of our phones on to send a quick text to the Moms letting them know we were safe and to find out about the outcome the election!

We both slept a bit on the plane, but we were dead tired. Luckily, we had planned a fairly easy and relaxing day in London and decided on a boat tour down the Themes, the London Eye, and find a Pub to relax in so we could enjoy some fish and chipsĀ  & a pint of Guinness before heading back to Heathrow to find a corner to sleep in.

Here is the story of our last few days in Lake Charles and our journey from Houston to London:



P.S. – I know many of you are dying to know about Istanbul and our life. Those posts are coming soon as I am determined to find time to write this week! Eric’s also working on some pretty awesome videos of our travels.




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