One of our many goodbyes. 🙁


It’s the eve of the election and our big move.  It finally feels real now because we have tickets for the London Eye on Wednesday and an amazing apartment in Istanbul waiting for us on Thursday. I just don’t know if I’m more scared/excited about the election or our move. I seriously can’t believe I let Eric talk me into moving on Election Day.

Both of us are so incredibly happy to be embarking on the path we’ve always wanted to take. Even though we’ve been traveling around the U.S. for several months, our two-month move to Istanbul is the first big step into the kind of life we want to live.  We are scared out of our minds, beyond pumped, and sad to be leaving behind family and friends we love so dearly.

I’m currently watching “Eat, Pray, Love” with my Mom while Eric packs all our electronics. (Those of you who know Eric, know this is no small task.) I know it may sound cliche, but I read ” Eat, Pray, Love” right after I moved to DC following a major heartbreak six years ago, so it seems fitting to watch the movie again tonight.  At the time, I was lost and the only the thing I knew I wanted to do for sure was travel the world. Reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir at that point in my life was what pushed me begin to find the courage to push past my own fears and live the life I wanted.

Anyways, there’s one quote from the movie that sums they way I feel:

“The only thing more unthinkable than leaving was staying; the only thing more impossible than staying was leaving.”

Eric and I know we can’t stay because our happiness depends on us living life this way, but leaving is so hard. I hate goodbyes. I can’t stand the thought of leaving the familiarity I love. There have been many times throughout the last few months where leaving has actually felt impossible. We both know that tomorrow will be difficult. Walking away from our family and onto that plane tomorrow will be painful.

When I feel the sadness creep in, I look back over the experiences Eric and I have had over the last few months on our U.S. road trip, then I think about the life we have built/are building, and all the possibilities and new experiences out there waiting for us to have if we choose, and I know this is it.

At Delicate Arch in Moab back in September.

The last few weeks have been nothing less than one long string of endless Manic Mondays. It’s 11pm and we are still not 100% packed, there’s still a to-do list, and we feel like we are forgetting a billion things. We don’t know what life will look like in one week, let alone two days from now and that’s part of the adventure.

We’ll be flying out of Houston tomorrow night at 8:40pm, landing in London the morning of the 7th, spending the day in London, and then flying to Istanbul on the 8th, where we will live for two months.

Thank you to all our friends and family for supporting us in our crazy dreams and making us feel so loved.





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