Well, it’s not Monday, but both Eric and I have started to lose track of time.  Neither one of us knew it was Labor Day (funny how you forget about Federal Holidays when they are no longer tied to a three day weekend) and I find that time and days matter much less when you are not constantly being ruled my meetings.

Last night at 11:30pm we looked at each other and realized we forgot to have our weekly meeting, but that’s OK because our new life is all about going with the flow.  So we had a quick 5 min meeting right then and there just to make sure we were on the same page for the week.

We are officially nomads now. On Saturday, we packed up and left Lake Charles until October and started out on the last part of our U.S. road trip, which means two whole months on the road!

First pic from our road trip part deux!

Last week, we spent a lot of time mapping out our course, finding places to camp or unique places to stay (wifi was a must in our search!), figuring what we want to see/do, packing for the road trip, and finishing up our second round of vaccinations.

Eric is the master car packer.

There are so many exciting reasons next month is going to be especially special and interesting:

  1. We will truly be testing out our location independence. (If you had told me a year ago that I’d be doing work from a remote campsite in New Mexico, I might have thought you were crazy.)
  2. This will be the most camping I have ever done in one period of time. (Will Eric survive?)
  3. Eric and I will both be working on getting our businesses ready to launch. I’ll be introducing the world to my business on September 29th and Eric will be getting his photography site up. (Who says you can’t build a website from a tent?)
  4. We will be spending so many freaking hours in the car. (I won’t lie, I’m excited about this. I actually really enjoy the time we spend together in the car and we’ll be driving through some of the most beautiful parts of the U.S. Plus, Eric does almost all the driving and I get to work/write/read)

For the last few days, we’ve been hanging out with a some friends in Houston. Tomorrow we head to Lubbock, Texas (we know there’s not much there – but we are visiting a friend for one night), then we’ll be in New Mexico until next Tuesday. Now that we are back on the road, we’ll be sharing our adventures in each state.

After a very fun night in Houston.

This week will be about travel, writing, biking/hiking, and getting into the groove of location independence.

Get ready for the ride!


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