This week marks the eighth week since we moved out of DC! It’s crazy how fast time is flying by.  Our lives have changed drastically in such a short period of time. Our DC life slips away from us more and more each day.  At times it feels like a dream. As much as we both miss DC, we can’t imagine it any other way now.

After eight weeks, we’ve finally started to adapt a bit to our location independence. Not only did we have some unexpected stressors, we had to get used to being around each other practically nonstop. When we lived in DC, Eric traveled constantly and I worked a ton. Like many busy couples, we saw each other only in the evenings and on weekends.

Before we took off from DC, we knew there would be a period of adapting to being around each other almost 24/7, working together, and traveling together. I mean seriously, just living with, working with, or traveling with your significant other can be stressful enough, and we just combined all three! It became clear after about two weeks that we would need to implement a few systems to help us communicate better if we wanted to stay sane and happy.

So we created Manic Monday, inspired by the 80’s song by the Bangles. (Yes, I can incorporate 80’s music into anything!)

We figured most people around the world in office settings are kicking off their work weeks with weekly meetings. So, why shouldn’t we? This way we both have a clear understanding of what we each have to do work-wise for the week, as well as make plans for our upcoming travel and schedules.  There are only two rules to our Manic Monday meeting: 1) The meetings must be fun! and 2) We meet every single Monday before the day ends.

Each Monday we’ll be sharing parts of Manic Monday on our blog in order to stay accountable, share what we’re up to, and our upcoming travel plans.

Here’s some of what we have coming up this week:

  • We’re introducing three other weekly features this week – Wanderlust Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, The Delish Dish, and 40 States in Six Months.
  • Tomorrow, look out for an exciting announcement about weekly giveaways while we’re in the U.S.
  • We are working on a Philanthropy idea, which we hope to introduce this Fall.
  • Planing for the rest of our U.S. Road Trip in September and October.
  • Buying our plane tickets to Istanbul for November.
  • Figuring out once and for all, exactly what vaccinations we need to get for Malaysia and all of the countries we are traveling to. ( I really don’t want to get Typhoid or Japanese encephalitis.)
  • Some serious blog writing. (After I teach Eric how to blog.)
  • Digitizing all our photos, mini-DV’s, and VHS tapes. (Yes, maybe this was a crazy idea, but we really want to have these when we travel. There’s nothing more comforting than photos and videos of your family when your feeling homesick from the other side of the world.)

I’m sure our adaptation period will continue, especially once we hit the road again at the end of the month and move overseas in three months.  As with any relationship, communication is key.  The biggest lesson we have learned so far is that being location independent magnifies any communication challenges that already exist, but with a little bit of openness and willingness to try, the bumpy road is much smoother.

Cheers to location independence, love and communication!



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