We’ve reached our final week in Lake Chuck before we begin the rest of our road trip. We’ll be back in November before we fly to Istanbul.

Of course Hurricane Isaac decided to shower us with it’s presence just four days before we drive to Texas. However, most of the models show LC just getting the outer edges of the Hurricane so we will most likely just experience high winds and a whole lotta rain.

This week our focus is on preparing for the road trip, finishing figuring out where we are staying in various cities across the U.S., work-work-work, complete or vaccinations, and oh yeah, surviving Isaac. (It’s my first ever hurricane experience so I feel like a little bit of drama is necessary.)

Eric asking himself WTH were we thinking bring our crap from DC to NC to LC. Why didn’t we just go 100% zen in DC????


Here’s a few highlights from the last week:

  • We met with the local SBA to figure out everything we needed to do to register our individual businesses as LLCs as well as how we want to deal with our little blog, which we hope one day will be more than just a blog, but more on that another time!
  • Eric spent a lot of time going through our camping gear, improving our first-aid supplies, and making sure we have the best gear around. (Don’t get him started on gear.)
  • I bought a kick-ass mountain bike! Whoohoo! There will be a ton of biking in our future
  • We bought our plane tix to Istanbul – After a slight freakout that we might have to pay double what we expected, we found this site, which still had the cheaper prices we were planning for!
  • Researched malaria pills – We’ll be getting a prescription to take with us just in case we go into an area where we feel we should take them.
  • We started our vaccinations…..

One thing we never expected was just how much we would have to spend on vaccinations. It’s going to end up being way more than we thought. But since we plan to travel to so many places in the next few years, and we don’t want to be in a situation where we are┬ásusceptible to getting any of those viruses we would like to avoid such as Typhoid, Whooping Cough, and Polio we decided to bite the bullet and pay up. Plus, now we have some ease of mind if we spontaneously decide to travel to an area where Yellow Fever is a problem. It’s the only vaccination that some countries will block your entrance into the country if you can’t produce your Yellow Fever card.

So we leave you with this video.

I’m obviously in shock over how much money we just paid plus I was terrified of what I was about to endure. BTW….the Nurse Practitioner who administered our vaccinations told us they are the cheapest around town, which we confirmed with some of our own research.




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