This past week has been crazy. Eric and I have been waking up at 5:30 am most mornings to workout, coming home to take an early-morning nap, and then working/preparing for travels/spending time with the fam until late at night! As busy as it’s been, I’m not sure if I could ever go back to a 9-to-5 office job again! I LOVE the freedom of making my schedule, sometimes working late at night, waking up in the morning to workout, and then taking a nap. I know in a few weeks when we hit the road again, we’ll have a new routine, but for right now, this one is working well.

I started on one of the biggest projects on our to-do list: transferring all my family’s home videos VHS tapes to DVDs. Maybe I was slightly crazy to take on this task, but it’s been so worth it! I haven’t seen even half of the videos, because there’s no way I can sit for that many hours in a row so I can’t wait to slowly uncover more gems. What I have seen is hilarious. I can’t believe I’m sharing this here, but it’s too funny not to….

Enjoy! Sorry Craig! (My little brother for those of you who don’t know him.)

Other things we’ve crossed off the list:

  • Making an appointment with the SBA: We will soon know the Louisiana biz laws, since we are both registering our businesses here (More on this in the coming month!)
  • Researching our vaccinations: Yikes! We need about eight vaccinations, and it’s going to cost around $500-$600 each. We’ll be starting the process tomorrow and finishing in November. (I hate needles!)
  • Planning our U.S. road trip: We can’t wait to share all the deets next week!
  • Teaching Eric how to blog: Done! Check out his first post.

Some of our days have been centered around Play-Doh. <3

We have a ton on our plates this week. In between working on a big deadline for work, working on getting our business ready for the world, and getting as much quality time with friends and family as possible we need to:

  • Finalize the U.S. Road Trip
  • Buy our plane tix to Istanbul for real!
  • Research malaria more. (Anyone have any experience moving overseas and traveling in and out of regions where malaria is a problem? We’d love any advice!)
  • We want to make a few more additions/changes to our blog.
  • Research our Visa requirements.

And the adventure continues….




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