One random night, Aaron (the owner of Blue Osa) announced that he would be taking a few of us on an adventure. Without telling us where we were headed, he informed us we would need to be on the road by 5am the next morning, and we may or may not get muddy, so we should wear clothes and shoes that we don’t care about.

As we set off just before the sun rose, we headed higher and deeper into the jungle. After 20 minutes, we arrived at the Osa Conservation Center, where we were handed rubber boots and told we would be rescuing sea turtle eggs, so that they could safely hatch away from predators and robbers.

After about a 30 minute hike down a steep, muddy jungle path along a river, we found ourselves on the beach.


We learned how to spot turtle tracks and measure them in the sand in order to identify the species.


Then our guide dug a small hole, where the eggs were. We then carefully lifted all 53 fragile eggs out of the nest.


We transported the eggs a half mile up the beach to the conservation area and re-buried the eggs so they could hatch safely in about 45 days.


It was an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience. Getting muddy (even after one of my rubber boots busted) was only half the adventure.


This post was originally written and posted at Blue Osa (where we lived and worked for six weeks last summer.) To find out more about them and saving the sea turtles go here.

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