Every Sunday we will be featuring “The Delish Dish”, our favorite dish of the week.

Hangin’ with Dave & the crew at Shucks!

After a couple days of exploring and traveling through Louisiana (more on those adventures soon!), we finally arrived at Shucks! The Louisiana Seafood House in Abbeville, LA. Shannon and I had heard amazing things about a style of preparing oysters -“char-broiled”, developed in the well known restaurant Dragos of Metarie, and apparently Shucks! is doing an even better job of preparing this delicacy.  We were not disappointed!

In true Cajun charm, we watched one of the co-owners, David Bertrand, vigilantly glide from table to table exchanging lively conversation with each patron. We could tell immediately Dave not only loves the restaurant industry, but has a true passion for life. After arriving at our table and engaging in the expected customer service/foodie pleasantries, we began to share a bit about our travels and experiences, and it was all he could do to not pull up a chair with us as he gushed about his fondness for travel, food, his mother, and his business.

In between lively conversation and amazing service from our waiter, we plopped juicy char-broiled Oysters Shuck-a-fella into our mouths; they were cream-based and topped with crumbled bacon and finely chopped mushrooms- to die for!

Char-Broiled Oysters Shuck-a-fela.

Dave insisted we skip his seafood gumbo, which is purportedly one of the best in the South, and instead feast on his Mamma’s own special recipe of crawfish etouffee. Again, we were blown away with the not-over-the-top and perfectly combined flavors bursting in our mouths.

Dave’s Mamma’s homemade secret recipe crawfish etouffee.

In between courses, Dave shared stories about his plans to attend McNeese State University to play football, and Shannon and I shared Washington, DC experiences, after we learned he had a summer internship with then Senator John Breaux.

Then came Shucks! Sassy Shrimp, which were deep fried and drizzled in Shucks! proprietary sugar cane pepper glaze. Delish!

Sassy Shrimp!

We were enjoying everything so much, that Dave had a bowl of his homemade, creamy oyster stew sent to our table (we had not even ordered it!) It practically knocked me out of my chair it was so damn good!

Shucks! Creamy Oyster Stew… mmmm.

The only thing in the evening we were not impressed with was the crabmeat casserole. It was a bit bland, but to be honest, everything else was so truly amazing, that we had probably gotten spoiled, and the casserole simply could not compete.

Crabmeat Casserole.

Shannon and I literally shut the place down after another half hour of lively conversation with Dave. He shared stories of attending Seminary School at Saint Josephs as we devoured two deserts that must have indeed been “divinely” inspired. The Divine Chocolate Beyond Reason (GREAT name!) was a blend of semi-sweet chocolate, chocolate liqueur, cocoa butter and vanilla beans that all sat on a chocolate cookie crumb crust.

The Divine Chocolate Beyond Reason.

Trust me when I say that it was worth driving out to Abbeville just for this; and trust me again when I say, that our other desert blew that one out of the water! The house desert specialty: Shucks! Sinfully Good Homemade Bread Pudding.

The Best Damned Bread Pudding south of Atlanta & East of the Mississippi River!

Oh…My…Gawd…. It was topped with a hot, white chocolate, buttered rum sauce, and the menu even came with a great advisory, “WARNING! This is NOT Your Mamma’s Bread Pudding. Real Rum and PLENTY of it!”  Almost (hehe but not quite!) as good as the actual bread pudding, was when we discovered the bread pudding was prepared each evening in the original, extra deep cast iron pan from over 6o years ago that led to this tradition still thriving today.

Anyone even relatively near the Abbeville area should make the drive and drop in to see Dave and the rest of the crew at Shucks! The Louisiana Seafood House. As I am writing this, my mouth has been watering, and I have been thinking, “Shucks, I wish I had another bowl of that cajun oyster stew!”

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