Every Thursday we will be featuring “Thirsty Thursday”, our favorite drink of the week.

It’s probably fitting, since we are currently in my hometown of Lake Charles, Louisiana, that we feature our favorite “drink of the week” from right here in Lake Charles, a.k.a. L.C. a.k.a. Lake Chuck. Even more fitting, is that the drink was born and brewed in the great state of Louisiana.

Louisiana’s finest: Abita Brewery’s 25th Anniversary Double Dog Ale

Abita Brewing Company has only been crafting their delicious, hoppy ales and lagers since they began as a microbrewery in 1986, but they have, in a relatively short time, created a powerful national company while maintaining a distinct regional brand.

Last Friday, after two weeks of hardcore healthy eating, working out, and no drinking we decided it was time for some fun and headed over to one of my fraternity brother’s local establishments- The Porch. It’s a coffee shop/unique sammy maker by day and eclectic bar/music venue by night.

What’s better than 1 Abita brew? 2 Abita brews!

The mood was great, the indie singer-songwriter in from NOLA was amazing (Eric Lindell – check him out), people were happy, and our beer was in a word- spectacular! Abita has an entire line of brewed beverages, but they truly outdid themselves when they crafted their “Big Beers Collection” 25th Anniversary Double Dog. This very special, seasonal, dark, robust ale is inspired from their perennial Turbo Dog. The chocolate and caramel malts cool your mouth in a way you wish every beer did.

“I gave up Moscato for this? You bet I did!”

Shannon started the evening with a glass of moscato white wine, but she quickly abandoned that, when I (lucky for her!) shared my chocolatey, vanilla-bean infused, toffee-like flavored bottle of heaven. Of course I made her order her own imperial pint! I double dog dared her to stop with just one- Shannon lost 🙂

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