HOLLY COW! In 19 days and 7 hours we move out of the good ole’ U.S of A! It doesn’t feel real. We’ve been talking about this since we met almost four years ago. It’s a strange feeling that D-Day is almost here. We fly out on election night (Win/Lose/or Draw!) and head to London for a 22 hour layover (Hello London friends!) before finally landing in Istanbul.

On our recent drive on scenic 17-Mile Drive off California Pacific Coast Hwy 1.

Originally we were planning to travel through Eastern Europe for three weeks immediately after landing in Istanbul, but three days ago, Eric and I decided to live in Istanbul for two months before traveling anywhere else outside of Turkey. We’ll focus on exploring Istanbul (with a few mini side trips), working, studying for our teaching English certification, and just loving life in Turkey! We’ll still be doing Eastern Europe and the Middle East, just not until Jan. or Feb. when it will be freaking cold.

I know so many of you are wondering about our U.S. travels. And we promise, we are working hard to put everything down into writing as well as create more awesome videos. The truth is, this American road trip has pushed us, pulled us, and was harder than we ever imagined! That being said, it’s been an amazing adventure, we have a new appreciation of the U.S., and we’ll be forever changed (in a good way!).

This is what happens when we are on the road for more than eight hours at a time. We start to lose our minds.

We are winding down our trip. We made a couple of cuts in order to get back to Lake Charles by October 26th so we have enough time to take care of all the mundane chores and enjoy time with our families. We are in Los Angeles now for a couple more days. Then we camp in Death Valley and Joshua Tree before starting the long trek back to Louisiana via Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, and Houston.

We’re back to posting regularly now and hope to write about each place we’ve visited in the U.S. by the time we land in Istanbul. If you want to keep track of us in between posts follow us on Instagram (2traveleverywhere), FB, or Twitter because we update daily!

Also, if anyone has any experience (or knows someone) living in Istanbul for an extended period of time, we’d love some advice on finding an apartment to rent for two months.

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