We’ve been back in Lake Charles since Saturday night and it already feels like our U.S. road trip was a lifetime ago. My family  drove down from North Carolina  so we’re just enjoying time with our families, scrambling to get everything done, figuring out how the crap we’ll fit our lives into a suitcase, and figuring out all our arrangements in Istanbul.

Eric is always excited to be in Louisiana.

It’s hard to believe this time next week we’ll be in London, about to head to Istanbul! The reality still hasn’t set in and I’m beginning to think it won’t until we’re walking on to the plane. I try to imagine what life will look like for us next week and I can’t. It’s all very exciting and terrifying.  We can’t wait!

Spending time with our niece. Isn’t she a cutie?

Starting tomorrow we’ll begin posting about our U.S. road trip so get ready for a whirlwind of posts!

P.S. – We hope all our friends back on the East Coast are surviving the aftermath of Sandy. We’re sending you all lots of positive thoughts!

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