I wrote this last Wednesday, but our wifi hotspot lost it’s signal on the road and it never got posted! Here it is now…

I’m writing this week’s Wanderlust Wednesday from the car! We are on our way to Lubbock, Texas to share a midnight beer and catchup with our friend Fred before we rest our heads for the evening.  Tomorrow we take of for a few nights of camping in New Mexico and three nights of living it up in Santa Fe!

As much as I love exploring the U.S., I always feel a strong pull to be on a white sandy beach and swimming in crystal clear blue ocean water. For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed of traveling to remote islands and living on beautiful beaches. Malaysia’s easy access to my dream beaches and islands was definitely one factor that went into our decision.

About five months ago, Eric and I went to see the documentary The Island President at our fav indie theater. (If you haven’t see this doc, you should rush out and rent it right now.) It’s a documentary about President Mohamed Nasheed’s quest to save his country (made up more than 1,100 islands) from an environmental catastrophe and democracy crisis. Eric and I both left the documentary in awe the work Nasheed has done.  Watching this will make your realize just how fragile our Eco-system is and the role climate change has played.

Photo from Commonwealth Secretariat via Flickr.

As soon as we watched The Island President, we knew we had to find a way to go to the Maldives. So we’ve been looking into and figuring out how we can work in a layover on our way from Istanbul to Malaysia. If all goes as planned, we’ll be writing to your from the Maldives in early February.

Find out more about the Maldives and how you can help raise awareness here.

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