Late last night we made it to Lake Charles, Louisiana where Eric’s Mom, Sister, and Niece live. We’ll be here until the end of August spending time with the fam, catching up on life stuff, and prepping for the rest of our road trip plus our international travel. There is so much to do, and time seems to be speeding by faster than we imagined.

We have SO MUCH writing to do about the last month and the first part of our road trip – we’ll begin with our time in Hotlanta and continue throughout the week with updates on our road trip last week.

For now we leave you with this…

And yes, we love photo ops with random signs. It often takes us twice as long to get somewhere, because Eric’s always on the lookout for that perfect “highway literature.”  Just ask anyone who has traveled with Eric, and they will have a story about traveling to the ends of the earth for the most ridiculous landmark.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading our blog, liking us, and following our travels. We hope you keep traveling with us, because next week, we’ll be introducing a few new weekly features – Manic Monday, Wanderlust Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, and The Delish Dish.


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