Hello! Selam! Namaste! ¡Hola! Selamat datang! Zdravo!

Welcome to our brand spakin’ new blog.

When we decided to move to the other side of the world and follow our dreams by traveling the world, we knew we wanted to document and write about our adventures (and misadventures). After all,  anyone who has ever traveled with (or met) Eric knows he brings an extra element of adventure and hilarity to everything he does.

Whether your are a friend, family member, friend of a friend, fellow travel lover and adventure seeker, or stranger, we are happy to have you along for the ride.

Make sure you never miss one of our adventures by following us on facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Soon we’ll even have Google+ and Tumblr. Oh yeah, and we have a newsletter.  (We LOVE social media in case you can’t tell.)

Stay tuned for lots of updates and our adventures in moving throughout the next week.


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