Us earlier today after we packed everything up and emptied our beloved apartment.

We are in the car with my parents while my Mom blasts Gotye (her latest obsession), as she tells us the meaning behind (love you Mom!). We are on our way to my family’s cabin on Cane Creek Mountain not too far from Asheville, where we will be for the next month. We’ve been driving for three hours, and the reality of what Eric and I are doing has finally started to set in. Up until this point, it’s been just an idea, something to come in the future. Almost like it would never actually happen, but now it’s here.  In the last few days there have even been moments we ask ourselves, “Are we really going through with this?”

Closing the door on the DC chapter of our life. Apartment 701 – we will always cherish you!

Even though we are incredibly excited about our new adventure, it was difficult to leave DC – our first home together, jobs we love, and great friends. We both planned to write much more about our lives as we packed up, said goodbye, and had our final DC experiences. But the time we had was hectic, exciting, and both emotionally and physically draining. We need a day to recover from it all and then we will each begin writing and sharing more about our final days in DC, our future travel plans, and what we are up to now.

For now we leave you with this quote from a Dr. Seuss card some our besties gave us at a surprise going away brunch a few weeks ago. It’s the perfect reflection of how we feel at this very moment.

The surprise going away brunch some of friends threw us a few weeks ago.


You’re leaving? You’re kidding! It just isn’t fair – you’re packing up Here and departing for There!

The Heres left behind are bummed to the max. It’s hard to accept, but they have to face the facts – there’s nothing the folks Here can do but insist you’ll be warmly remembered and mournfully missed!

Just know, as you’re headed off into the blue, that a big piece of Here will be going with you! When you’ve arrived There and completed your quest, remember those Here wish you only the best!

Thank you to all of our friends who made our final weeks in DC some of our most memorable.  As we head off into the blue, we will remember warmly and mournfully miss all our time in DC.  A part of DC and each of you will always be part of us and our quest.

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