We love staying in B&B’s and are constantly on the lookout for the most unique place. Our search has led us to some pretty amazing and interesting locations, but the place we stayed at last weekend took the cake for craziest experience to date.

We traveled up to Sullivan County in rural Pennsylvania for a wedding. We weren’t planning on staying  overnight but ended up picking a random B&B because it was the closest to the wedding and we decided last minute to drive up with some of the fam, who already had a room there.

With some of the fam after the wedding.

The B&B was in the middle of nowhere, set against a backdrop of gorgeous mountains.

A very sweet couple in their 70’s bought the place three years ago (it was once a youth detention center in the 70s) and they turned it into a B&B. Now, you tell me when’s the last time you saw two people in the their 70’s buy 30 acres of land, turn into anything, and run it competently on their own?

They do all the mowing, caring for animals, and housekeeping themselves. They even have Yuengling beer on tap you can freely help yourself to, Miniature Donkeys and Pigmy Goats, and a collection 720 model cars lining the walls of the living room. The husband even walks a 1/4 mile uphill to gather his own hay in order to feed the donkeys and goats.

The place has charm. Plus, the couple does this as their hobby and it’s obvious they truly enjoy it.


Eric with a Miniature Donkey.

But as you might expect with someone in their 70’s, slight dementia was a factor here. Between the time we checked in and the time we got the tour, we heard the same story about how they came to buy the place 20 times. No joke.

That night we enjoyed lots of beer under the stars as fireflies flooded the meadow behind the house. When we finally called it a night, I was slightly tipsy, sleepy, and ready to crawl into bed and pass out. I pulled back the covers and lifted my pillow only to find this….


The evidence. Also, notice how the “headboard” meant to look like a fence is painted onto the wall!

I jumped back and yelled, “WTF is that?” while Eric cautiously poked one of these strange things, at first thinking maybe it some weird type of beetle. Then we realized it’s dog food!

Yes, there was freaking dog food under my pillow!!

Up close and personal with the dog food.

I didn’t know what to do. If this where to happen under other circumstances, I would say something.  But this couple is so sweet and I knew this was partly due to their age. I couldn’t bare the thought of telling them I found dog food under my pillow, especially after they made a big deal about how they don’t let their animals into the area where guest rooms are.

So I made the choice to crawl into bed and try and forget the fact that the sheets I was laying in may or may not have been cleaned, and someone may or may not have put a handful of dog food under the pillow as they were making the bed.

In order to shake off my freaked out feelings, I made Eric watch one of the reality TV shows I’m addicted to. Which he now secretly loves. 

The combination of reality TV and beer had me sleeping like a baby in no time at all. Then Eric, yelled “Oh my god! Oh my god!” Ok, maybe is was less yelling and more of a statement.

I leaped out of bed and started screaming, “What? What? What?”

Eric’s response, “Babe, you’ll never believe what Marlo just said to Kim.”

Seriously? His “Oh my god!” was in response to the Real Housewives of Atlanta, which I made him watch? I had been so disturbed by the dog food incident, I thought he found something additionally creepy in the bed.

I crawled back into bed and Eric reminded me we are about to stay in places around the world where dog food under the pillow and possibly dirty sheets will be the least of our concerns.

As long as I don’t find a snake under my pillow, I think I’ll be OK!






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