Finding the right place to stay can be a challenge. Finding a place to stay for a romantic getaway with your partner can feel like an even bigger challenge, because you want the place you stay in to have an ambiance that sets the tone for your vacation. In one of our many searches, we stumbled across FlipKey by TripAdvisor. The first time we used it, was when we rented an apartment on the beaches of Albania in Mali i Robit last Spring. While traveling from Montenegro to Albania was no easy feat (more on that another time), our experience with renting an apartment through FlipKey was seamless and easy.

5 Dreaming Romantic Getaways

The view from the apartment we rented.


Here’s 5 Dreamy places to consider renting for your next romantic getaway, all found on FlipKey:

1. This mountain chalet in Golden, British Columbia. Those views are unreal. And, this place has a hot tub on the deck. What more do you need?

Romantic Places to Stay

Picture from FlipKey.


2. This magical mill on a hilltop in Portugal is at the top of our dreamy list. From the rural beauty to the walled gardens, it’s screaming romantic getaway.

Romantic Getaway Portugal

Picture from FlipKey.

3. This villa in Indonesia. Because every romantic getaway could use a pool and private courtyard.

Romantic Getaways

Photo from FlipKey.

4. It’s been a dream of ours to stay in a tree house, and this tree house just moved to the top of our list!

Romantic Getaway

Picture from Flip Key.

5. We think the desert is magical and romantic. One of our favorite places in the U.S. to experience that magic is New Mexico. So it should be no surprise this luxurious home in Taos is on our list. With an amazing game room, hot tub, and the desert and mountain views, this place has everything you need to create the most fun, romantic getaway.

Romantic Getaways

Picture from FlipKey.


Which one of these romantic getaway spots is on the top of your list? Tell us in the comments below.

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