“The camino begins after the Camino.”

That was Eric’s motto while we were hiking the Camino de Santiago, especially when our hike was coming to an end. And while we both knew it to be true, I don’t think either of us realized just how true it was.

Pilgrims at the end of the camino in Finisterre.

Pilgrims at the end of the camino in Finisterre.

Life since returning home from the Camino has been nothing short of a whirlwind. We’ve been crazy busy with work stuff, like the writer’s workshop Shannon is in the midst of co-hosting, trying our hardest to finish writing about our journey for Love On El Camino, and planning our upcoming wedding.

We thought coming home, that we’d have so much time. Time to write, time to plan our wedding without getting stressed, time to just be. But in reality, we’ve overcommitted ourselves and find we are being pulled in 100 million directions.

Who knew getting ready for your wedding could be like a full-time job, or that picking out Eric’s suit would be a multi-week event?


Getting our wedding invites out was no easy task. We even had to recruit some friends for help.

So, if you’ve been wondering where the heck we’ve been, or why we haven’t updated our El Camino blog in a few weeks, we are trying to catch our breath, remain sane, and enjoy this month before we tie the knot.

Writing all about our Camino experience has been incredibly hard. Not only because of everything we experienced, but also because the emotional and physical highs and lows that came along with it. We haven’t yet made sense of everything, which makes writing it all down in detail harder than usual. Our goal is still to complete all the writing and posting for Love On El Camino before our October 18th nuptials, because it is important to us, that we read what the other one wrote, before we say, “I do.” (Update: Obviously this didn’t happen. We decided to pause writing until we felt like we could properly process everything that happened. Plus, we realized it didn’t matter if we read what the other one wrote prior to getting married. Because we experienced the Camino together, we feel like we knew everything we needed to know.)

We’ve also got a few exciting projects in the works:

  1. We started shooting footage for our new webisode series “As the Map Turns”, which will be out in January. For the first episode, we headed to Austin for a BBQ ‘stravaganza, and it was finger lickin’ good!
  2. Our interactive, choose your own adventure digital guide for couples who want to travel more, that will have you tapping into your inner explorer and taking action on making that grand adventure actually happen, will be out sometime in 2015!
Eric biting into some Salt Lick ribs for our first webisode.

Eric biting into some Salt Lick ribs for our first webisode.

One thing we’ve taken from the Camino, is that you have to have patience — patience with yourself, patience with those around you, patience with the process, and patience with reality. There will never be enough time in the day. Life doesn’t slow down. There will always be too much to do. And creating something is always harder than you think it’s going to be. But, things will unfold exactly how they need to. All we can do is keep working and moving forward, make time for what’s important to us, laugh, and sleep. Sleep is very important.

Although we feel our path is winding and veering all over the place, our journey continues. Thanks for sticking with us!

And now, we leave you with a few behind the scenes stills from the day we went to a swampy bayou to shoot the opening for “As the Map Turns”.

If you want to know when we release our webisode and travel guide, put your name in the magical “I want to be in the know” box when it pops up!








P.S. – We asked this question on our Facebook page, but if you didn’t respond there, tell us below what types of things you’d love to see either on our webisode, “As the Map Turns” or in our digital travel guide!

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