If you find yourself lusting for adventures to far-off places, you’re in the right place.

We get it. We were once in your shoes too. We worked 9-5 jobs, wishing we could travel more. And finally we said, “enough is enough”.  So we built businesses, so we could work for ourselves, and leave our DC life to travel the world on our terms. We aren’t location Independent anymore, we made Lake Charles, Louisiana our home-base and travel now travel throughout the year.

So we know what we are talking about when we say, you don’t have to become location independent to bring more adventure and travel into your life and your relationship. There’s not a one-size-fits all when it comes to building a life full of travel.

That’s why we created this space. To inspire you  to get out and see the world, whatever that means to you.

Whether you want to travel full-time, start traveling more than you are now, or bring adventure into your everyday life, then welcome, now is the time.


Meet Shannon 

Shannon is our chief content curator, website wrangler, and business savvy, serial entrepreneur. In 2008, Oprah named her one of “Tomorrow’s Leaders”. She used to work in the nonprofit world, but after finding herself burned-out at the age of 27, she knew things had to change. Now, when she’s not traveling, she’s probably keeping us organized, writing, running her other blog The Life Adventurista or doing work for the boutique she started, Adventurista Boutique. Shannon’s guilty pleasures include reality TV (she loves it all), chocolate, and anything made with St. Germain.

A few places at the top of her travel list right now are Tanzania, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Nicaragua, and Peru.

Meet Eric

Eric is our documentary crackerjack and logistics ninja. He is the man behind the camera. Without him, we’d have no pictures or videos of our travels, and we’d be lost in the middle of the Sahara . He used to work in public policy, but following his lifelong passion of photography and film, he traded his suit and tie in for a t-shirt and a camera strap. Ever since he was a young boy, Eric’s had a camera in his hand, capturing the moment. So it’s no surprise you’ll rarely see him without a camera. When he’s not traveling, he’s probably editing photos and putting together videos for our blog or our clients. Eric’s guilty pleasures include watching movies (he’ll watch anything once), pizza, and scotch.

A few places at the top of his travel list right now are Iran, Bangladesh, Morocco, Antarctica, and Laos.

And if you want to learn some non-sugar coated facts about us, go here.

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