Everything You Never Knew About Us

Hi! We’re Eric and Shannon, the two people behind 2 Travel Everywhere. But we spend so much time together that some of our close friends just refer to us as, “Sheric”.  Instead of boring you with a regular ole about page, we thought we’d mix it up and share 10 non-sugar coated facts about us:

1. Between the two of us, we’ve eaten weird and interesting foods in 40 countries. Eric will eat anything at least once, and Shannon never turns down dessert.

Lots of things overwhelm Shannon – snakes, flying, snakes on a plane, (flying snakes?), tight spaces, crowded places, time, heights… Oh and did we mention snakes? This is why she travels with anti-anxiety pills. Eric on the other hand, will do anything once, no questions asked, no anxiety pills needed.
Eric likes all movies. Even the shitty ones. Shannon likes all reality TV shows. Even the shitty ones.
Before we made our relationship official, we “took a break”.  (Yes, just like Ross and Rachel on Friends.) Three months later, out of the blue, Eric asked Shannon to go on a 19 day road trip. (You read that right, 19 days.) Shannon said yes, even though some of her friends thought she was crazy. After being stuck with Shannon in a car for three days, Eric realized at a dueling piano bar in Memphis, that he loved her.
Shannon CANNOT live without coffee. She even worked as a barista. Before meeting Shannon, Eric tolerated coffee but never enjoyed it. Yet, in 1999 he started collecting coffee mugs from each place he traveled to. (Shannon was in 9th grade and had yet to discover the wonderful world of coffee.) Fast forward, Shannon has taught Eric the finer art of coffee. Oh, and in case you are wondering, we now have 500+ coffee mugs from cities and countries around the world. But no, we will never end up in the Guinness Book of World Records because this couple has 19,000 coffee mugs.
We met in bar right before the 2009 Inauguration. (Thanks, Obama). The night we met, Shannon told Eric that their relationship would never last, as she planned to run off to Thailand. She has yet to run off to Thailand…
Spanish was Eric’s first language. Shannon no habla español. She has been saying forever how “one day” she will learn español.
When Shannon was younger, she complained to her parents about “being born into an outdoorsy family” every time they took her camping. While she prefers glamping over camping any day of the week, Eric keeps trying to get her to be more “outdoorsy”. Someday we will tell you about the last time we went camping. It involved Shannon almost getting attacked by a skunk.
Eric has made Shannon go on some serious hunts in search of that perfect coffee mug.

And yes, we know we jumped around between third person and first person, but, do you know how hard it is to write about yourself in third person?


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